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 Sujet du message: 04/10/08 FuTuRe AnCeStOr - looping sounds Portugal
MessagePosté: Mer Avr 16, 2008 11:41 pm 
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FuTuRe AnCeStOr

live acts:

Horror Place ( Insomni Records )(Greece)

Zik ( Insomni Records ) (Greece)

The man behind it is Alex Vozikis from Thessaloniki (Greece) who is responsible for Adrenal Gland , Horror Place , Zik and Matutero projects. Alex start music when was 13 years old on gabber hardcore with artist name terrorist and the year 1999 start to write chill out and psychedelic music with friends and many collaboration with artist around the globe like *Alien Mental , Polyphonia , Orestis , Kulu , Stranger , Kindzadza , Psykovsky ,The Nommos , Audiopathic , Fractal Cowboys , Drury Nevil , Ocelot , Cosmo , Savage Scream , Dejan , Noise Gust , Jelly Headz , Dark Elf ,Parahalu , Kashyyk , Shamadhi and more..Alex have until now 2 albums and more than 30 tracks on compilations on labels like Insomnia records(Russia) , Vertigo records(Russia) , DevilsMind records(Sweden) , Sanaton records(Sweden) , Cosmic Theatre records(filand) , Mistress of evil records(Usa) , Phreex Networx records(Japan) , Avatar records(Israel) , Noise Conspiracy records(Cyprus) Manic Dragon records(China) , Temple Twisters records(India) , Tandrum records(Usa) , DiscoValley records(Goa-India) , Deja vu records(Russia) Echo Vortex records (Usa) ,mass abduction records(mexico)and many more.. The concept is to deliver to the audience a feeling of intense trip into darkest corners of subconsciousness for better understanding of human nature
and fears.


Rawar (Trance Karma/triplag/lycantrop) ( Portugal )

Helder Amaral aka RAWAR ,was born in Portugal 29 years ago . He enters the world of music by the age of 19 leading a metal band on his hometow. A few years later and leaded by the need of musical evolution , Helder starts to liesten to other kind of tunes , electronic experimental and dark ambient sounds . Dident take long to Helder starts his own project and after a while producing dark ambient , he get in touch with Filipe aka Agressive Mood and the Psyence rec. crew and starts producing psytrance creating togheter Massive Noise. Rawar is at the moment Helder´s one man project along with another project created also by him called Dominus. Rawar music was inspired by Helder´s musical roots. This project is pure war on the dance floor , with fast and evil tracks , he slashes you from 150 bpm to 175 puting your brain completly messed up with crazy synths and loony fx along with a powerfull and groovy bassline.


Dual Core ( Israel )

H20 Records are proud to present the explosive new debut album by Dual Core...it’s called Eruption and it’s going to blow a hole sky high in the Trance music fraternity!
Dual Core is comprised of two nuclear fission reactors who go by the name of Adi Milner and Eran Ben Gaon. Both artists have had successful solo careers, recording and performing around the world as BACKSPACE (that’s Adi) and POINT...that’s Eran.
As the saying goes..."two heads are better than one" and so to record this album they decided to pool their talents and become ‘as One’...a Dual Core...twice as potent!!
The boys are well versed in the ways of technology (Adi, who is a genuine computer whiz-kid, even used to work for software giant Bill Gates) so they are no strangers to high-tech computer programming and sound engineering and you can hear this in their approach to the music, which is as stylistic as it is bold and innovative.
One of their tracks {called Synergy) was featured on the recently released debut compilation album from H2O..."iDROP" and they also earn't much respect for their fantastic remix of Trick Track - a tune originally recorded by The Alien Vs. The Cat.
Tracks from the new album include Aggressor and a remix of Oomda which highlight perfectly the breadth and depth that Dual Core are able to reach in the pursuit of that elusive perfect tune...the one that all artists are constantly striving for and rarely achieve.
Perhaps Dual Core will succeed where others have failed...after all, they now have twice the imagination, two times as much talent and twin turbo engines to boot!!
{Of course the magical union of two also means half the work and double the fun!!}
And that’s exactly what these guys intend to do as they develop their sound and expand their repertoire...which is gaining momentum rapidly....and just about ready to blow...!
So if you like slick production, polished performances, great sounds and wish to be excited to the core of your being...head for the Super-Volcano that is Dual Core... you’re sure to want more!! {I just hope you can handle the heat!!}
If last year was a time of smouldering and awakening Volcanoes, then this year promises to be the year of giant, powerful erupting ones that will wreak havoc on the Trance-floor and forever explode the myth that Trance has already reached it’s final destination.
There is always uncharted territory, new frontiers to explore and fresh sounds to be created and Dual Core are sure to be at the forefront of this revolution in sound.
What we can say with certainty is that these two fellows share a common aim...to stimulate the senses, to enliven the mind, and to free up the body...with music that is fiery, hot and explosive on the dance-floor. So remember...while it is true to say that some volcanoes lie dormant or quietly smoulder for years...if...and when they do erupt... you better be ready to run for cover!!


Divine Stones ( WorkStation.Rec/Urban Antidote/Looping Sounds Prod ) ( Portugal )

DIVINE STONES is Paulo Rosa from Portugal. Paulo was born in 1988. He started dealing with electronic music at 12 years old. In 2004, he created his own electronic music project called Divine Stones. This project is a mix of twisted sounds and dark ambient with a strong rhythm that makes it original. Always developing new ideas to his own music.


Digital E-Motion ( Crystal Matrix Records ) ( Portugal)

Digital E-motion is Joao Salada aka Saladelic 20 and Hugo Viana aka tydus 25 years old, both from leiria, Portugal. This project has started in 2005 and its style can be characterized for full on hi-tech. Since then they have being playing in parties and they have already shared the decks with names like: Astrix; Bizarre Contact, Space Tribe, Shanti, Shift, Twisted System, Intelabeam, Freedom Fighters, Menog, Exaile, Sesto Sento, Ultravoice, Gataka, Neuromotor, Electrocult, Biotouch, Chromosome, Andromeda, among others...

Joao Salada aka Saladelic: Joao interest by music starts very soon , at age 13 he started to study music for few years.. He could learn a bit of music and som instruments like accoustic guitar, piano, trumpet and some drums. At 2003 he started using some sequencers like fruity loops, reason and cubase. More recently, he starts make sounds from the most variated electronic music styles but his favourite music always was PsyTrance. So he created the project Digital E-Motion and worked in some Tracks. In 2005 Tydus joined him to form what's Digital E-motion today.

Hugo Viana aka Tydus: At early ages Hugo's interest for music. First with rock, punk and some metal, at age of 14 he was drummer of a garage band.. 2 years later in 1999 he discovered the trance scene and starts to enjoy more the electronic music. Some time later he bought a mixer and cdj's and started mixing in small parties just for friends, and collaborating in organizations of some parties too. In 2004 the name Tydus apears for the first time djing in bigger stages around portugal playing in same parties of the the biggest names in the trance scene. In 2004 he gave the first steps in some sequencers programs like: Cubase, Fruity Loops, and recently in Ableton Live with Saladelic. One year later he joined Saladelic to formed what's Digital E-motion today.


XaMã CIrKus ( Trishula/Kabrathor/Crystal Matrix Rec )portugal

Night lurk ( Karkeija Crew/Pmi/Looping Sounds prod )portugal

Saikotek ( Looping Sounds prod / Karkeija Crew )portugal

Deo ( Trance Karma records )portugal

Korpora ( HOMmega Rec /Crystal Matrix Records )portugal

Piranha (Cortex Prod/Genetic Dreams) portugal

Kainoa ( Looping Sounds )portugal

{sun alucination vs psylobotomy ( looping sounds prod ) portugal}

FuLLy ( Moonblast Prod/Hypergate Rec ) portugal

{projecto:: kay (karkeija Crew / Looping Sounds)}

Tallium ( looping sounds prod ) portugal

Bong ( Elements /Apocalypse Records ) portugal

Mulon Dark ( Trance Mafia/Looping sounds prod )

KetaMadnesS ( trance mafia/looping sounds prod ) portugal


login : 15 euros pre sale
20 euros at gates

location: open air , center of portugal

chaishops , visual acts , wcs etc etc

party 24 hours non stop .

sound system: p.a Line Array 50 000 watts tecnare

pour une info un minimun de politesse et le nom de la soirée merci et une réponse vous sera donnée ou pas

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